HRW STF Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica High School is the 1st of an 8 School Tour of Human Rights Watch Student Task Force Chapter Schools.
Post Show Conversation 1
Deputy District Director at U.S. House of Representatives, Sameer Ahmed, Staff Attorney at ACLU of Southern California, Alex, and moderator Heather Robinson
Post Show Conversation 2
Guadalupe Arellanes,
Director of Communications and Outreach, and Josefina Lopez,
Founding & Artistic Director of CASA 0101,
Post Show Conversation 3
Veronika Schulman and Monique Mitchell from, Daniel Hees and David "Kuya" Lazaro of PenClique, Alex, with moderator Schaeffer Nelson.
Post Show Conversation 3
Profe Armando Vazquez-Ramos and the Summer 2017 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program from California State University Long Beach
Opening Night 1
Alex's Family
Opening Night 2
Opening Night 3
EST/LA Members, Karen Rizzo and Tonya Cornelisse
Opening Night 4
Alex and Jim Macdonald
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